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Secret Songs of the Passive-Aggressive:

Part 3, "Left"

No, I can't dance.
But speak to me of rhythm
And I will fake it.
She did it again, and always I keep
Trying to become what she hoped I'd be.
I didn't know her; I was fast asleep
when she wanted to wake up beside me.

An early she whose prophecy came true;
Waiting for "please", not content with "you may",
I'm too nice to fuck, or at least fuck you.
Damn friendship's cooling power anyway.

Okay, so I'll try to just be your friend
And learn communication at your knee.
But I hate this position, and the death
Of Us ain't just 'cause I lack empathy.

It will take time, but I'll learn to abstain.
And how, alone, will you release your pain?

No, I can't listen.
But tell me where it hurts
And I will fix it.

-skyler, March 1999