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Secret Songs of the Passive-Aggressive:

Part 4, "Plead Guilty To Me"

Plead guilty to me.

You did it.
I know you did it.
If I didn't know it
  I'd have to start walking.

  And walking
  I'd have to look
    Where I was going,
    And looking
    I'd have to see
      My feet.

      And seeing my feet
      I'd have no one to blame

      Me for all that 

        You kicked.

You did it; admit it; it was you.
I know it was because I was drawn into the sphere of your arms,
through your legendary surface tension, and didn't feel a thing.
I know it was because we splashed
And I am not yet dry.

I know it was because
When I reached in
  I felt your rhythm.

  Serpentine pawing
  Urgent and clawless
    Washed through my ear.

    Then I noticed
    The walls of me
      Were pulsing just the same,

See what you've done to me,

-skyler, March 1999