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How Do You Plead, Your Honor

Well, hell, it's a damn good thing
you didn't blow me bargaining
Or pity, otherwise I might've
Sucked it up to the delight of

  my storm crows.

Toothy tempters all the while
Could not efface my easy smile,
Burning free from where we sat
I thumbed my nose and leered back at

  my circling storm crows.

Did you hear the bubble burst
When lust ran off and hid in thirst?
Drawing glares into a shroud
I drank a leering, laughing cloud

  of circling pet storm crows.

Cover up the poor knight's eyes,
For they are all we truly prize.
Come, dig your substance from our beaks!
We will not give what beggar seeks,

  We ravenous circling pet storm crows.

-skyler, January 2000